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Location      Tampa                 Available   Currently on summer break.

Height 5’3”  Weight 98 lbs

Measurements  32D-20-24      Implants  No

Ethnicity  Russian/Columbian

Language(s) Spoken  English, Spanish

General Interests  I enjoy swimming, paddleboarding, playing piano, amusement parks, boating, indie rock & classical music, ballet & concerts.

Describe yourself   I’m very open minded, athletic, outgoing, caring, compassionate, sensual & a bit of a thrill seeker.

Smoker  No           Bi  No

Favorite indulgence(s)  A nice, relaxing massage.

Turn offs  Lack of teeth

Turn ons Sense of humor, friendly nature.

Fetish Friendly   I’m up for new experiences
Favorite Flower    Rose           Favorite Drink       Cosmopolitan

Favorite Animal    Sharpei                 Halloween Costume      Sexy catwoman

You might be surprised to learn  I competed as a gymnast in college.



Location      Tampa                 Available   Most times with enough notice

Height 5’8”  Weight 127 lbs

Measurements  36C-25-33      Implants  Yes

Ethnicity  Israeli/Puerto Rican

Language(s) Spoken  English, Spanish, Hebrew

General Interests  Performing arts, especially ballet and violin concertos.  I love philosophy, poetry and psychology.  Sign me up for any outdoor sport.  I’m a huge hockey fan…go Bolts!

Describe yourself   I’m compassionate, goal orientated, love to cuddle and make others feel good about themselves..

Smoker  No           Bi  Yes

Favorite indulgence(s)  Lingerie shopping and chocolate

Turn offs  Bad hygiene or attitude.  Turn ons Confidence, a nice business suit.

Fetish Friendly   Very
Favorite Flower    Orchid                  Favorite Drink  Mojito

Favorite Animal    Horse           Halloween Costume      Cleopatra

You might be surprised to learn  I have a soft, healing touch


Location      Tampa                 Available   On sabbatical until mid November.  After that I'm available most times with enough notice

Height 5’5”     Weight 125 lbs

Measurements  32B-25-33      Implants  No

Ethnicity  Hungarian

Language(s) Spoken  English
General Interests  Casino games, bowling, reading non fiction and mysteries, classic rock, 80's, hip hop and alternative music, the beach, cooking simple, elegant meals.

Describe yourself   I’m sweet, friendly, a good conversationalist, easy going, open minded, caring, creative and fun.

Smoker  Not while working               Bi  No

Favorite indulgence(s)  Lingerie, good coffee, Italian food

Turn offs  Anyone overbearing or disrespectful. 
Turn ons Well groomed gentlemen with clean hands and a sense of humor.

Fetish Friendly   Yes
Favorite Flower    Orchid              Favorite Drink  Belvedere and cranberry

Favorite Animal    Panda           Halloween Costume      Sexy nurse

You might be surprised to learn  I have an advanced degree in cuddling


Location      Orlando       I'm happy to travel to Tampa for a 3 hour date plus travel expense.      

Available     My schedule is flexible but I prefer after 2pm.

Height 5’6”  Weight 115 lbs

Measurements  32C-22-36      Implants  No

Ethnicity  Polish    Language(s) Spoken  English

General Interests  I love classical and big band music, older men, lingerie (especially stockings), sushi, and relaxing in a hot tub during the winter with a nice Pinot Griggio.

Describe yourself   I’m fun, friendly, adventurous, bright, energetic, and very much the girl next door.  I’m loyal, sweet, love to take care of my man and am quite the daredevil.

Smoker  No         Bi  Yes

Favorite indulgence(s)  Chocolates

Turn offs  Bad hygiene            Fetish Friendly   Very    

Favorite Drink       Screwdriver                 Favorite Flower    Gardenia

Halloween costume  Sexy mouse
You might be surprised to learn  I’ve bungee jumped from a bridge and done trapeze work.


  Tampa Bay
Available  Currently unavailable

Height 5'1" Weight 90 lbs
Measurements 34B-22-32 Implants No
Ethnicity Irish/German/Puerto Rican
Language(s) Spoken English
General Interests  Modeling, cooking, reading, crafting, design, travel, dance

Describe yourself  I am smart, energetic, discrete, passionate, sensual, flirty and a great conversationalist.
Smoker Occasionally, but you’d never know it  Bi Yes
Favorite indulgence(s) Clothes, travel and a nice Muscatel.

Turn offs  Poor grooming
Fetish Friendly  Very much so
It might surprise you to learn  Magen’s Bay on St. Thomas is my favorite beach​

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