For everyone's benefit, we verify each NEW friend before a date is arranged, without exception.  Please email the information necessary for us to get to know you better to shannontaylor777 at Please allow time for the screening process when setting your appointment.

Often, we're able to get to know new friends by checking a professional profile online.  Linkedin allows us to view profiles of those not in our network when you send your profile's public viewing link.  Typically, it's something like  You can also email a screenshot of your profile there or even provide us with a website with your name connected to it.  If you elect to use an online profile, we'll need you to provide one of the following:


  • a picture of your driver's license that matches your online business profile

  • an email from your corporate email address, which we won't reply to

  • a photo of your business card next to a picture of your driver's license


We don't accept references from other verification services, businesses or individuals.  Simply put, we need to know who our models will have the pleasure of dating.

We understand that people often wish to keep their dating life private.  If you've reviewed our website, you should realize that our approach is very discrete and accommodating.  Because our encounters always begin in a public place, please understand that all we're offering is a date.  It's no different than the way two people would naturally meet from any other dating service,  We're committed to operate legally and, apart from who, when and where, feel it's inappropriate to have conversations about the date's particulars. 

As you can imagine, handling a date this way ensures that everyone wins.  We take time to educate our models and the Etiquette, Packages and FAQ pages are to help educate our clients.  It will smooth the way if you provide complete information at the outset so there's no need to ask for more about you.

One other thing, screening is a onetime occurrence.  Once we know who will be meeting our models, we have no need to retain a client's information.

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