Our date packages offer 90 minutes or more of companionship.  Dates can usually be extended if arrangements are made at least 30 minutes before the end of your time together.  Longer lengths of time are available with sufficient notice.

90 minute enchanting introduction...400*

2-hour dates can be many things. A leisurely cocktail, cup of tea...even a walk along the beach...500*
3-hour dinner dates...700*
6-hour night on the town, day on the water or anything in between...1300*
12-hour multi-venue experience...2400*
24-hour dream date...4500*


*Exclusive of tips which are optional but always appreciated (our Etiquette page offers guidance).

Please Note
As is typical of most first dates, our models will meet you in a public place to allow time for you to get to know each other.  Other than which model, when and where, a discussion of specific aspects of the date is never allowed. While we don't offer any unsafe or illegal activities, our dates are just what you dream of, thus eliminating the need to wonder about specifics. 

Dates with an additional companion are sometimes possible, depending on availability. Please plan on the normal date package rate for each model plus 100 additional per model.  200 is also added to the date total for a model to join a couple.

Dates more than 30 minutes but within an hour from Tampa require an additional 100 donation.  If we have a model in your area, such as Orlando, we waive the travel allowance.  For those dates with more than two people, please plan on 100 additional per 90 minute date package.

Expenses for travel are in addition to the gift and vary depending on distance and time.  You should expect to plan on 100 for every hour of travel time. If you have a specific itinerary, please email us for particulars.  Also, travel of more than one hour requires a minimum of a 3 hour date.  For example, since many of our models are Tampa-based, they'd be delighted to meet you in Orlando with the total for the date being 900.

One thing you should be aware of so there are no misunderstandings or unmet expectations:

We pride ourselves on the caliber of models we represent.  The health, safety and well being of our models and their clients is of primary importance.  Please don't ask for behavior that would put that in jeopardy.  We don't offer any unsafe, illegal or unhealthy services...period.  If you're looking for that kind of date, please look elsewhere.

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